3 Ways Recruiters Fill Light Industrial Jobs with Hidden Talent

March 07, 2018

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Posted by: Nicola Malcolm



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If you’ve needed to hire light industrial workers before, you know how difficult the recruitment process can be. Demand can fluctuate unpredictably in this area, so you may need to hire quickly to meet the needs of your business. At the same time, you must ensure proper vetting of candidates.

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To gain access to a dependable, flexible workforce, it’s best to partner with a recruitment firm for your hiring needs. Here are three ways recruiters are able to fill light industrial jobs with top talent.

1. Assess the Candidate’s Priorities

A recruiter’s dedication to quality is the first indication that you should partner with them to hire for light industrial jobs. Even if you need to hire several people quickly to meet demand during your busy seasons, you can feel assured you will always be offered candidates who meet your expectations.

Recruiters analyze more than just skills and experience—they get to know candidates and what motivates them in the workforce.

Before an interview is scheduled, it’s a skillful recruiter’s goal to assess a candidate’s priorities and ensure they match with yours. Whether your focus is on meeting production goals, maintaining flexibility, or gaining a strong attention to detail, a recruiter will fill your light industrial jobs with professionals who have the same priorities in mind.

2. Equal Attention to Hard and Soft Skills

When you’re looking to fill important positions like your forklift operator jobs, hard skills are understandably a major focus.

Learning that a candidate knows how to operate heavy machinery should certainly be a priority for any employer looking to hire in these types of positions, but it’s also important to look at soft skills.

Recruiters know that soft skills can be crucial in these roles and will assess candidates to ensure they have what it takes. After all, you want a machine operator who is organized and has a great attention to detail when it comes to safety procedures.

It’s not enough to know that they have the right kind of skills on paper—recruiters find the ideal candidates by assessing their soft skills, too. Areas like leadership skills, self-motivation, problem-solving skills, teamwork abilities, and decision making are all taken into consideration during the hiring process. Your light industrial jobs will be filled with candidates who have the whole package.

3. Industry Expertise

When filling light industrial jobs, it’s important to have a wealth of knowledge about the role and its requirements. You need to know the type of machinery being used, the certifications required, and the level of experience needed to perform certain duties to ensure safety.

Recruiters are able to fill light industrial jobs with top performers because they have the expertise in these areas. They know what it takes to succeed in these roles.


Nicola Malcolm

Nicola Malcolm

Nicola has over 20 years of staffing industry experience with global, international, and Canadian firms. She has a broad knowledge base from having worked at a temporary recruitment desk, as an on-site manager in a global warehouse and manufacturing company, and in marketing, IT and operations. In addition, Nicola managed a portfolio of MSP/VMS accounts for a global MSP, and currently manages the staffing supply of 10+ Canadian MSP/VMS programs. In her spare time, Nicola uses her recruiting background to help her family, friends, and personal network find meaningful work opportunities. She also enjoys applying her operational skills to plan family trips abroad as often as possible.

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