5 Signs Your Company Needs Professional Staffing Solutions

April 13, 2018

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Posted by: Nicola Malcolm



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Hiring is one of the most labour-intensive yet critical functions in business. After all, the people you hire determine your company culture. In addition, hiring is also a costly function so it’s important to hire employees with a long-lasting commitment to the success of your company.

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While many companies often undertake hiring and recruitment on their own, others turn to staffing solutions that can deliver top talent.

Here are five signs your company needs professional staffing solutions.

1. You Have an Immediate Need for New Staff

Whether your business experiences sudden growth or simply requires seasonal staff, temporary and contract recruiting through professional staffing solutions may be just what you need.

Unexpected company growth is a natural part of success and businesses must be able to react to the sudden need for more staff. If you find yourself stuck without a system to hire quickly, this may be a sign you need professional help. Staffing solutions can turn to their pre-screened candidates to help you hire more efficiently and quickly.

2. You Operate in a Unique Industry

No two industries are alike and professional staffing solutions understand this, which is why many operate in specific industries to better serve their clients.

They have deep industry knowledge and understand where qualified professionals in specific fields search for work. This takes the guesswork out of hiring and ensures that no matter what type of worker you’re looking for or what kind of industry you operate in, staffing solutions can help you find the candidates you need.

3. You Often Tackle Special Projects or Events

Sometimes, a company is faced with out-of-scope projects that require specialized workers. In order to tackle these unusual one-off projects or events, consider onboarding temporary or contract workers through professional staffing solutions. This way, you can onboarding staff with the particular set of skills needed to make the project or event a success.

4. You Have High Turnover

A high turnover rate is bad for businesses. Professional staffing solutions can ensure your future hires are successful in the long term.

A staffing agency can manage the entire hiring process for you, which is especially important if you’re a smaller business owner who lacks the resources to conduct effective hiring. From pre-screening and skills testing to interviewing, recruiters make it their mission to help you hire workers who fit your corporate culture. They have the time and expertise to delve into a candidate’s background to ensure they’re the right hire for your needs.

5. You Have Limited Time and Resources to Make the Hire

At the end of the day, employers want to focus on their core business, not the time-consuming processes involved in hiring. From writing a great job description and sorting through potential candidates to setting up interviews, the entire hiring process can take weeks or months to complete. Depending on the size of your company, you may not be able to afford to shift time and resources from other core business processes to hiring efforts.

When you rely on professional staffing solutions, you can rest easy knowing your hiring process will be streamlined and efficiently undertaken. Reach out to hiring experts today if your company is showing signs it needs help.


Nicola Malcolm

Nicola Malcolm

Nicola has over 20 years of staffing industry experience with global, international, and Canadian firms. She has a broad knowledge base from having worked at a temporary recruitment desk, as an on-site manager in a global warehouse and manufacturing company, and in marketing, IT and operations. In addition, Nicola managed a portfolio of MSP/VMS accounts for a global MSP, and currently manages the staffing supply of 10+ Canadian MSP/VMS programs. In her spare time, Nicola uses her recruiting background to help her family, friends, and personal network find meaningful work opportunities. She also enjoys applying her operational skills to plan family trips abroad as often as possible.

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