6 Qualities Forward-Thinking Companies Look for in HR Professionals

January 11, 2019

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Posted by: Nicola Malcolm



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HR is becoming a more strategic and valued part of organizations today. Executives understand the value HR managers can bring to the leadership table.

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HR professionals play an important part in shaping a company’s values and culture, effecting change, and driving growth.

When hiring for the HR department, be sure candidates have these six traits.

1. A Group Leader

Employees look to HR managers for answers, help, and advice. HR professionals are team leaders and experts on a variety of company-related topics.

From answering employee concerns to driving change initiatives, the HR leader needs to balance the needs of employees and the needs of the organization. HR professionals should be empathetic, honest, and welcome team leaders. They should also be champions of change and understand success comes from redefining values and goals to keep the business moving forward.

2. A Value Creator

Great HR leaders know how to recruit and hire the right talent that will drive business growth. They know when to initiate people initiatives and HR campaigns. They know what they need to do to create value in the organization.

3. An Ethical Coworker

The HR department is the business’s conscience. HR professionals understand people come from all walks of life, and the workplace has to respect each one.

From creating and following company policies inclusive of all staff to ensuring everyone feels their office is a safe space, HR must foster a healthy work environment. HR leaders must understand the importance of confidential information and earn the trust of employees and executives to effectively do their job.

4. A Strategic Partner

HR managers are now strategic partners with a seat at the leadership table. HR goals should support the company. Today, business acumen and strategic thinking are key competencies in HR.

5. An Employee Advocate

HR professionals need to create an environment where employees are motivated, productive, and satisfied in their roles. They should understand organizational success requires employee support.

The right HR manager will create a work climate of engaged and committed employees through employee advocacy.

6. A Focus on Culture

A company’s culture—employee habits, mindsets, and behaviours—impacts its products, services, and reputation. HR professionals work hard to set the right tone for the company, knowing it takes time, strategy, and flawless execution to create the right environment.

A forward-thinking HR manager will bring the culture to all human resources initiatives and hire talent who are a cultural fit.


Nicola Malcolm

Nicola Malcolm

Nicola has over 20 years of staffing industry experience with global, international, and Canadian firms. She has a broad knowledge base from having worked at a temporary recruitment desk, as an on-site manager in a global warehouse and manufacturing company, and in marketing, IT and operations. In addition, Nicola managed a portfolio of MSP/VMS accounts for a global MSP, and currently manages the staffing supply of 10+ Canadian MSP/VMS programs. In her spare time, Nicola uses her recruiting background to help her family, friends, and personal network find meaningful work opportunities. She also enjoys applying her operational skills to plan family trips abroad as often as possible.

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