7 Signs It's Time to Hire Your First Administrative Assistant

February 01, 2019

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Posted by: Lee Sitarz



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Business is booming, and your employees are busy, but lately, you’ve started feeling like you don’t have time to handle every task on your plate. If the signs below look familiar, it’s time to hire an administrative assistant.

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1. Your Day Lacks Structure

Your calendar is overbooked, you can’t find that document you had yesterday, and you don’t know where to start when you come into the office. Watch this chaotic feeling dissipate when an assistant is there to schedule events and keep you on track during the week.

An assistant will bring their unparalleled attention to detail and organizational skills to add structure to your day. Administrative assistants organize calendars, arrange calls and meetings, and keep files organized to be able to quickly locate dates, documents, and spreadsheets.

2. You’re Missing Appointments and Meetings

You either missed a call entirely, or you showed up late to the client meeting. It’s an embarrassing situation you don’t want to repeat. An administrative assistant is there to remind you of all your appointments, lining up the day so you don’t miss another meeting.

3. You’re Avoiding Tasks

We all have tasks we wait to complete until the last minute, whether because we don’t think they’re important at the time or we simply don’t have time to complete them in the moment. This “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude snowballs into bigger problems—not all tasks can wait until the eleventh hour.

You can stop avoiding these tasks by hiring an administrative assistant who will take on these responsibilities for you. You can relax knowing the small, yet important, duties, such as booking client dinners and processing invoices, are no longer pushed to the side.

4. You’re Ready to Delegate

Your to-do list is so full that you find yourself thinking about how much more you’d accomplish if you could hand these assignments to someone else.

Tasks that don’t generate income, such as booking travel arrangements or scheduling meetings, are examples of jobs your assistant would handle. You can stop worrying about checking these items off your list and focus your energy on big projects. Let your assistant handle these details for you.

5. Your Phone Is Constantly Ringing

It’s hard to get work done when you’re constantly picking up your phone. It takes time to determine who’s calling and why, and depending on the reason for their call, this unplanned conversation could take up more time than your schedule allows.

There are other tasks that need your attention, and you can’t always pick up the phone to answer the same basic questions. An assistant is a great buffer who can take client calls and field general queries.

6. You’re Turning Away Business

A busy business is a good sign, but it becomes a red flag when your current workload is so stacked you can’t take on new clients. If you’re just managing to maintain your time with your current clients, it’s time to bring on an assistant to manage the routine tasks, so you can gain more time to accept new customers.

7. You Feel Overwhelmed

If you’re feeling exhausted by the sheer volume of projects, meetings, and calls you have day to day, it’s time to bring in help. Your stress level will significantly lower when you have an assistant by your side managing many of these tasks for you.

If you’re looking to fill an administrative job, work with recruitment specialists. They’ll help you find a qualified candidate for the role.

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Lee Sitarz

Lee Sitarz

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