9 Tips to Turn Your Contract Job into a Permanent Role in 2019

February 25, 2019

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Posted by: Kirsten Quarman



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Job seekers should consider using new strategies in 2019. This could be the year you turn a contract assignment into a permanent role. If your goal is to make your temporary placement a full-time job, the nine tips below can help you get there.

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1. Work Diligently

Now is not the time to coast. Be at your workstation when you’re supposed to be and attend all meetings enthusiastically. Avoid checking your phone until you have a break.

Whether you’re proofreading a memo or entering data in a spreadsheet, it’s important that management sees you can handle all tasks given to you—no matter how small they seem.

2. Be Indispensable

Meeting minimum expectations is unlikely to leave a lasting impression. Highlight how valuable you are to the business by finishing projects ahead of schedule, tackling mundane tasks with enthusiasm, and demonstrating a professional worth ethic overall. At the end of the day, the team will wonder how they ever functioned without you.

3. Communicate Your Goal

An understanding of the contract to hire process could give you an advantage when it’s time to discuss why you want to stay on full time. While you aren’t going to express your desire to go permanent on your first day, you shouldn’t stay silent about this objective throughout your entire contract. Let your employer know how happy you are working there and share your willingness to explore a full-time opportunity should one become available.

4. Mingle

Make friends at your new office. Connecting with coworkers is a strategic move—it puts someone in your corner when management needs a second opinion regarding why they should hire you.

Even if you aren’t offered a permanent role, making friends at the office helps you expand your professional network, and one of your coworkers may be able to refer you to another job should the opportunity arise.

5. Work Outside the Box

You likely aren’t strictly confined to the limitations of your job. Embrace your leadership skills and look for opportunities to advance your role. When you’ve completed your tasks, ask where else you can help.

6. Show Your Interest

Every task in your contract role is a chance to learn how your work contributes to the company’s goals while also sharpening your skillset. Ask insightful questions, get involved in other business functions, and demonstrate to the business you’re thoroughly interested in what they have to offer.

7. Act Like You’re a Permanent Employee

From the way you communicate with the staff to dressing appropriately for the job, acting like you’re already a full-time employee shows you’re a person who takes their work seriously.

Your mindset is important, so always ensure to put your best foot forward.

8. Do Your Research

Although you’re only on contract for a fixed period, take the initiative to learn as much as you can about the company: how it functions, its internal structure, and its role in the industry.

When you understand what a company needs to grow and thrive, you can improve your own strengths to meet those needs, contributing to the business’s success.

9. Act Like It’s One Long Interview

Every day in this role is a new chance to build your case. It’s in your best interest to perform well. Show your team every day why you should be hired on full time, just like it’s one long interview. Your daily actions are critical to showing your value over the term of your contract.

Consistently demonstrate your expertise to management and colleagues to show the positive impact you’re leaving on their business.


Kirsten Quarman

Kirsten Quarman

Kirsten has 25 years of global recruitment experience, working for global and national staffing companies. As Vice President, Western Canada for Talentcor, Kirsten oversees our Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg branches. Some of her specialties include administrative, light industrial, skilled trades, sales & marketing, customer service, supply chain, accounting, human resources, insurance, and legal. Outside of work, Kirsten enjoys mastering new skills and achieving goals she sets for herself each year, like learning new sports and exercising.

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