7 best NOC codes to get work in Canada in 2019

August 27, 2019

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Posted by: Lee Sitarz



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Whether you are a new immigrant or Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) thinking of moving to Canada, it is important to know your career prospects. One of the best ways to assess it is knowing your NOC code.

Finding the best job opportunity is a top priority for all new immigrants in Canada. The Canadian regulations and standards can have a significant impact on your career, even if you happen to have considerable experience in your sector before you land in Canada.

If you are looking to work in Canada – either on temporary or a permanent basis – a knowledge of what NOC codes are in demand makes a huge difference to your job prospects. Here is our take on the top performing NOC codes that you must look out for in Canada in 2019.

Based on Canadian Business’s report for the year 2019, here are the best performing NOC codes in Canada:

3012-Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses

According to the government of Canada, by 2024, it is likely that the number of jobs available under this NOC code will be higher than the professionals working in this filed. This means that professionals having NOC 3012 are likely to find work quickly in Canada. Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses are primary healthcare providers working under many sub-titles. Typically, most professionals in this field are expected to possess some medical degree or health related specialization.

1241 - Admin Assistants

With over 21 specialised titles under this NOC code, Administrative Assistants or Admin assistant is one of the most in-demand position in Canada. By 2026, it is estimated that over 21,200 new job openings will be generated under this NOC code, in various domains. Admin assistant roles exist is almost every domain, making it the most widely sort after job position.

0912 - Utilities managers

The NOC code for utilities manager encompasses more than 45 job titles. Most professionals under this NOC code are expected to possess some college degree or diploma. Depending on whether you are applying to managerial or senior managerial roles, experience and qualifications vary. To find job postings under this NOC code, click here.

7243 – Power Systems Electrician

Power systems electricians carry out installation, maintenance and repair of electrical power generation, transmission and distribution systems. To work under this NOC, professionals require a high school diploma and a completion of four-year apprenticeship program.

8221- Mining & Quarrying Supervisor

According to Job Bank over the period 2017-2026, at least 7,700 new jobs are expected to be available under this NOC code. If you are thinking of moving to Canada under this NOC code, Quebec is the best place with highest job prospects followed by Alberta, British Columbia and New Brunswick.

7203 - Contractors and supervisors, pipefitting trades

Between 2017-20126, occupations under this NOC code are expected to have new job openings according to the government of Canada. Professionals qualifying under this NOC code are required to complete secondary school and hold pertinent experience. Trade certification in related trade is also a must.

0211- Engineering Manager

To practice under this NOC code in Canada, one typically requires a bachelor's degree in engineering, pertinent experience and registration as a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) by a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers.

14300 new job openings are expected under this NOC code by 2026.

When your are planning your move to Canada, your NOC codes can help you to plan your career and your professional certifications to improve your job prospects. If you belong to one of our best performing NOC professions, now is the best time to plan and start your career in Canada.

For more information on how to find work in Canada or to know more about the general job responsibilities and qualifications expected when you are applying under the above NOC codes, check our job postings page here.

Lee Sitarz

Lee Sitarz

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