How Often Should You Be Updating Your Resume?

April 16, 2018

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Posted by: Kirsten Quarman



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Resume writing may seem like a lost art, but it’s a vital skill to exercise, especially if you’re considering updating your resume. Generally speaking, most people tend to neglect their resumes as soon as they’ve been hired, but it’s an important career document that should be kept up to date.

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A good rule of thumb is if you can’t remember the last time you added to your resume, then it may be time to look it over and update it. Similarly, if you’ve recently completed additional education or accreditation, add those new skills to your resume.

It’s good practice to always be updating your resume since new job opportunities can arise unexpectedly and you want to be ready for any future career opportunities, but how often should you be updating your resume?

Update Your Resume upon Graduation

Job seekers should consider updating their resumes upon graduation from an educational institution or the completion of a certification or accreditation program.

Whether you’re fresh out of high school or a recent university graduate, where and how you list your education on your resume is important. If you have little work experience, consider mentioning large-scale projects that were completed during your education. While you may not have professional experience, this demonstrates the ability to work under pressure, set goals, and achieve them.

By making sure recent education or graduation from a certificate or qualification program is listed on their resumes, job seekers demonstrate the desire to be constant learners, always looking to expand their horizons. In addition, this helps potential employers identify educational experiences that may be an asset to their companies. Similarly, continuing education shows a candidate is serious about investing in their future.

Update Your Resume upon Completing Important Work Projects

If you’re not doing so already, it’s generally good practice to keep an ongoing list of major projects you’ve either been given responsibility for or have contributed to. That way, when the time comes to move on from your current position, you’ll already have a detailed list of accomplishments and new experience to list.

This gives job seekers the chance to highlight personal contributions to work projects and convey hard work and dedication.

Update Your Resume Along side Your Social Media

In today’s tech-savvy environment, an active online presence speaks volumes to potential employers.

Consider updating your resume whenever you give your social media accounts a refresh. Whether it’s a website or blog, these kinds of personal pages are just as important as a resume in creating an overall job seeker profile. If you’re already overhauling your website, why not give your resume a makeover while you’re at it?

Social media matters since it gives employers a complete picture of the type of person a potential candidate may be. This information is vital in determining whether or not the opinions and overall personality of a certain employee will be conducive to success within the company culture.

Set Reminders for Updates

If you’re one to forget, try setting alerts or reminders that coincide with work-related check-ins. Almost any job has the potential to take off or change directions, so your resume should reflect any new accumulated skills, experience, and professional advancements.

You never know when the next job opportunity will arise, but if your resume is constantly updated, you’ll always be prepared.


Kirsten Quarman

Kirsten Quarman

Kirsten has 25 years of global recruitment experience, working for global and national staffing companies. As Vice President, Western Canada for Talentcor, Kirsten oversees our Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg branches. Some of her specialties include administrative, light industrial, skilled trades, sales & marketing, customer service, supply chain, accounting, human resources, insurance, and legal. Outside of work, Kirsten enjoys mastering new skills and achieving goals she sets for herself each year, like learning new sports and exercising.

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