3 Industries Driving Job Growth in Halifax

July 29, 2019

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Posted by: Lee Sitarz


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2019 has been a year of exceptional job growth in Canada. The record low unemployment rates witnessed in the last two months have been possible thanks to growth in job opportunities across all the provinces, and Nova Scotia – with the highest increase in part-time employment in Canada – has led from the forefront.

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With over 15,400 jobs added in the last year, Nova Scotia has become a prime job market in Canada. The province has reported a sustained increase in the number of job opportunities in nine of the past twelve months. This growth is owed to the biggest city in Nova Scotia – Halifax.

Located in the maritimes, Halifax has not traditionally been viewed as a hub for job opportunities beyond its extensive marine related sectors. The Statistics Canada report on year-over-year earnings, however, paints a different picture:


Nova Scotia Employment Stats - 2019
                         Figure 1 - Nova Scotia 2018-19 Employment Stats.      Source: NovaScotia.ca


Administrative Services

The administrative services sector has been a major contributor to job growth, adding over 8,700 job vacancies in one year. Customer service assistant, office admin, data entry clerk and retail associate were some of the most in-demand jobs. The demand is bolstered by the presence of over 1000 financial institutions in Downtown Halifax, indicating the number of admin-level jobs are bound to increase throughout the year.

Goods-producing sector

The construction sector is the leader of job growth in the province. At $1,088, it has the highest average weekly earnings of any job in the province. Being one of the largest population centres in Atlantic Canada, this region has numerous construction projects for which there is a continuous demand for engineers, architects and construction labour.

The job growth was also fueled by a rebound in agriculture, mining and forestry – considered the primary industries of the coastal city. Manufacturing, although contributing to an increase in number of jobs throughout the year, reported a decline in average earnings.

YoY Earnings - Nova Scotia 2019

                                                             Figure 2 - Nova Scotia YoY Earning 2018-19       Source: Stats Canada

Skilled Trades

The skilled trades sector is traditionally regarded as one of the highest job opportunity sectors that this province offers, and the past year has validated this fact. Part-time jobs in Halifax grew a whopping 12.7% in the past year – the highest increase in Canada, thanks largely to an increased demand for skilled workers.

Growth prospects

With the largest population in the maritimes, Nova Scotia offers robust opportunities for career growth, and Halifax is at the center of this development. The city has attracted investment from big pharma companies thanks to the low cost of setting up research centres, as well as its proximity to Atlantic shipping routes. Nova Scotia has also been recognized for its IT potential – rated second in tech diversity and wage growth in Canada.

Halifax is making its presence felt as a growing economic centre in Canada. If there is ever a good time to look for a job in Halifax, it is now.


Lee Sitarz

Lee Sitarz

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