Job Seekers: How to Make Sure You Get Noticed on LinkedIn

October 03, 2018

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Posted by: Lee Sitarz



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LinkedIn is a top recruitment and professional networking website, but it can still be difficult to get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters alike.

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How do you get hired on LinkedIn?

By boosting your position in search results, making your profile stand out at the headline level, and adding a charismatic picture, you can make the most of LinkedIn for job searching.

Here are the steps to follow to get noticed on LinkedIn.

Get Included in Search Results

Simply having a profile with relevant experience is not enough to get noticed by hiring managers. Rather than manually going through job seekers’ profiles, busy hiring managers are engaging in keyword searches to find candidates. For example, an employer looking for a new accountant will search “accountant.” Your job is to make sure your profile gets found in the searches for positions you are qualified for.

How do you get included in those search results? Include relevant keywords in your profile’s headline and summary, as well as in your experience and skills sections.

Another way to boost your inclusion in search results is to have as many connections as possible on the site. LinkedIn’s algorithm will prioritize search results that are more closely connected to the searcher. You can increase your inclusion in search results by importing your address book and adding professionals within your chosen industry. However, when engaging in this type of strategy, it is important to send personalized connection messages instead of adding masses of people.

Ace Your First Impression

Once you’ve made it into the top search results, you still need to get a hiring manager to click on your profile. This can be accomplished by having a charismatic profile photo where your smile is genuine. Additionally, optimize your clothing choices and background for an overall inviting, yet professional, effect.

You should also create an eye-catching headline. Focus on what a hiring manager cares about and how you work to meet those needs. For example, if you were previously a social media coordinator at a start-up, a great headline would be “Social Media Coordinator for Start-Ups: I Help Small Companies Get Noticed!” This type of headline shows potential employers your experience and what type of work you are looking for in the future.

Make Your Profile Stand out and Get the Invite

Once a recruiter or hiring manager is looking at your profile, they will be scanning it quickly. This means your profile needs to impress at the headline level, rather than the bullet level.

For your summary, begin with a single sentence that explains who you are and exactly what you do. For example, “I am a product manager with 10 years of experience helping small companies earn revenue.” After this, you can continue with a longer summary including more details and keywords.

This strategy can be applied to each section. For instance, in the Experience section, the headlines (the titles and companies) will be noticed first. So, make sure any unusual job titles are translated into roles that easily convey your experience and area of expertise.

By following these steps, you will be well on your way to getting noticed on LinkedIn.


Lee Sitarz

Lee Sitarz

Lee earned a degree in marketing from York University, which has helped her succeed in various roles in the staffing industry. She has over 20 years of progressive staffing experience including Branch Management, Sales, Operations, and Marketing. Lee is active at giving back to her community, and spends her down time with her husband and three beautiful daughters.

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