Not Having Luck with Your Job Search? Update Your Resume

September 28, 2016

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Posted by: Nicola Malcolm



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Regularly updating your resume is a great practice. It will not only help you to stay relevant, it will also remind you of your skills and achievements. The other great thing about updating your resume regularly is that you’re ready to go and apply for a new job at the drop of a hat–which, unfortunately, could become necessary at any time. 

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The best thing, however, is that it will help you with your current job search. Whether you’re currently employed or not, whether this would be your first role or you’re a seasoned veteran, we all have experiences and skills to be added to a resume. Those skills and experiences change and grow all the time, and it’s important to capture them. Below, we’ll explore the benefits of updating your resume, and why it’s so important for your job search. 

(Re)Build your Self-Esteem By Reminding You of All You’ve Accomplished

A resume is so much more than just a summary of your work experience. It’s a story–about you as a person, your professional, and even personal growth. Along the way, you’ve developed important skills, and you’ve forged a career for yourself. This shows you have purpose, direction, and drive. As you update your resume, you’ll start to see this story unfolding–the journey of a successful professional, seeking a new adventure. This can also help direct your next steps, because you can see based on your history and skills where you want your career to go.

When you’ve been working for a while, particularly at one place or in one role, it’s easy to forget how you’ve progressed in your career. Reviewing your accomplishments will help you get a good sense of your professional growth. Not only does this give you a reminder of how far you’ve come, butyou can add important accomplishments to your resume, which will definitely help with your job search.

Gain a Better Sense of Your Professional Self

If you only update your resume every few years, you don’t get a good sense of how you’ve grown. You will also not have a clear picture of how your interests and passions have changed, or how they’ve shaped your career.That’s why it’s so important to prioritize updating your resume. Taking the time to update your resume will afford you the opportunity to reflect on yourself–your values and goals.

There is so much to learn from your experience–from the jobs you loved to the ones you disliked, from environments you thrived in to ones that overwhelmed you, and from team environments to working independently. Giving yourself the opportunity to update your resume means you get to explore what works best for you from each job.

Identify Key Strengths and Weaknesses–and Improve Both

Updating your resume allows you to ask the question, “Where and how did I struggle the most?” It’s an important question because your struggles can be your greatest teachers. These could have been times when you failed miserably or where your resilience shone through. Either way, it’s a learning experience for you.

When you discover your strengths, passions, and values, you’ll be happier, more eager to do your work, and more productive. It’s important to know how you’ve leveraged your strengths in the past, how to use them even more in the future and how to develop those weaknesses that impact what you ultimately want to do.

It can often seem tedious to update your resume.While it takes time and reflection, it’s ultimately worth it for your career. It takes time and requires that you reflect on your career journey. But the benefits to you and your job search are definitely worth the effort upfront!


Nicola Malcolm

Nicola Malcolm

Nicola has over 20 years of staffing industry experience with global, international, and Canadian firms. She has a broad knowledge base from having worked at a temporary recruitment desk, as an on-site manager in a global warehouse and manufacturing company, and in marketing, IT and operations. In addition, Nicola managed a portfolio of MSP/VMS accounts for a global MSP, and currently manages the staffing supply of 10+ Canadian MSP/VMS programs. In her spare time, Nicola uses her recruiting background to help her family, friends, and personal network find meaningful work opportunities. She also enjoys applying her operational skills to plan family trips abroad as often as possible.

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