Quebec – The Bright Spot for Jobs in Canada

August 12, 2019

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Posted by: Nicola Malcolm


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2019 has been incredible in terms of job growth in Quebec. In the latest labour force report released by Statistics Canada, at 4.9%, the province reported second-lowest unemployment rate across Canada – quite an achievement in times of historically low unemployment rates.

In just one quarter, over 27,000 jobs were added in Quebec. Year-over-year, full-time employment in the province grew by 68,000.

Montreal – The Center of the Job Growth

Nearly 85% of job creation in Quebec has been from Montreal.

Data attributes an increase in Quebec’s public and private sector employment to the growing employment opportunities in Montreal. Over 28,200 new jobs were added in Montreal in the past year.

Quebec Unemployment Rate compared with other provinces

Figure 1 - Quebec 2019 Unemployment Rate Comparison.      Data Source: Statistics Canada Table: 14-10-0287-01


Industries driving job growth in Montreal

1. Aerospace

Montreal is globally recognized for being home to world’s biggest aerospace centres. Bombardier, CAE, Bell Helicopter Textron, and close to two hundred more aerospace companies have their base in Montreal. With over 42,000 employees, aerospace is among the top source of jobs in Montreal.

2. Creatives – Visual effects & animation

With an estimated annual growth of 27%, the animation and visual effects industry thrives in Montreal. Highly skilled animation professionals and technicians often find their footing quickly in Montreal’s job market which employs over 33,000 individuals.

Quebec’s exclusive and diverse digital ecosystem is a home to all types and volumes of animation projects. Over 4,000 companies specialising in in 3D/2D animations and visual effects have their headquarters in Montreal, making it a hub for skilled individuals.

3. Video games

Canada’s first video game production center, Montreal houses over 140 studios, and employs 15,000 gaming professionals. It is a testament to the creative spirit of Montreal that the city is now recognized as the 5th biggest hub for video game production in the world. If gaming is what fuels your passion, Montreal is a place to be.

4. Artificial Intelligence

With a thriving AI ecosystem, Montreal has emerged as a hot spot for technology professionals. In March 2018, the government of Quebec has allocated a grant of $5Mn for establishing an international AI organization which will help them to set up state-of-the-art AI facilities for research and development. This has continued to drive growth in Montreal’s AI sector making it a preferred location for job seekers interested or working in the cutting-edge AI systems. 

With over 11,000 students studying AI, 30 strategic projects and investments exceeding billions of dollars, Montreal is a growing market for job opportunities in AI.

5. Life sciences and healthcare

Quebec has one of the most sustainable healthcare systems in the world. It is only fitting that the sector is also one of the biggest source of employment. Montreal houses 85% of the 56,000 jobs in health and life science sector across Quebec. With over 650 companies and investment exceeding $10 Billion for research in hospitals and university, Montreal is a forerunner in the healthcare sector. Over 27,000 professionals are employed in life sciences and health sector, with many more vacancies still open.

This remarkable job growth in Montreal, and in all of Quebec, is accompanied by an acute shortage of acute labour. A 2019 report suggests that there were over 100,000 unfilled jobs across the province in the first quarter of this year. With such encouraging job market statistics, now is probably the best time to look for jobs in Montreal and Quebec.

Nicola Malcolm

Nicola Malcolm

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