What Employers Can Expect from Recruiting Solutions

April 11, 2018

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Posted by: Lee Sitarz



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When employers use recruiting solutions, they gain access to experts who can effectively and efficiently meet their companies’ unique hiring needs. Whether it’s writing a job description, finding passive candidates, or prescreening potential employees, recruiting firms can make hiring easier and faster.

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Recruiting Solutions Prioritize Your Business

Because of their proven track record of matching top-tier professionals with company cultures, many employers rely on recruiting services. While this expertise comes at a cost, the peace of mind that comes with knowing administrative tasks are effectively taken care of and the best candidates are being found, is priceless.

This is especially helpful for employers who operate in highly specialized industries. Because of the unique nature of their work, these employers require a pool of talent that is often harder to find. Recruitment firms will work with employers to develop a unique approach to their particular staffing needs and will screen potential candidates for requisite skills the business may require.

In addition, top-tier recruiting solutions often administer the credit and criminal checks required by client businesses. Recruiters liaise with third-party screening providers who can provide flexible and fast turnaround times for these screening processes.

Recruiting Firms Take on Quality Talent

Whether a company needs contract and temporary staff or permanent employees, partnering with recruiting solutions gives employers access to a pool of top candidates. Recruiting firms prioritize long-lasting, successful candidate placements and put job seekers through a rigorous screening process before placement.

When a job seeker turns to recruitment services, the agency assesses their experience and qualifications and attempts to make a meaningful match with appropriate open positions. Depending on the client’s requirements, they also screen candidates for specific skills, education, and knowledge.

In addition, job seekers’ profiles are added to a database for future opportunities.

Recruiting Solutions Can Cover HR-Related Tasks

Employers can also expect recruiting solutions to take care of HR tasks related to hiring and payroll management. For smaller businesses, these services are vital as they may not have the resources or personnel to handle these tasks in house. Recruiting firms take on many important functions and can address almost any hiring complexity that may arise.

Further more, recruiting solutions shoulder the burden of all government-mandated costs of employment in Canada, including Canada Pension Plan premiums, Employment Insurance contributions, vacation pay, and various employer taxes. In addition, they can advise client businesses in regards to legislative compliance and due diligence that must be observed in the hiring and management of employees. This covers termination and severance requirements, safety training, employment standards, and confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

Again, this service is particularly beneficial to smaller clients who don’t have large HR departments, on-staff legal teams, and accountants readily available.

Recruiting Agencies Offer Expert Advice

At the end of the day, businesses turn to recruiting solutions because they’re looking for a partner who understands their chosen industry and the complexities of hiring. Recruiters keep up to date with industry insights regarding the specialized markets they service.

Employers can expect to receive the best advice when it comes to acquiring new talent.


Lee Sitarz

Lee Sitarz

Lee earned a degree in marketing from York University, which has helped her succeed in various roles in the staffing industry. She has over 20 years of progressive staffing experience including Branch Management, Sales, Operations, and Marketing. Lee is active at giving back to her community, and spends her down time with her husband and three beautiful daughters.

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