5 Types of Workers a Recruitment Firm Can Help You Hire

June 25, 2019

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Posted by: Lee Sitarz



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Whether you’re looking for a short-term hire or a new full-time employee, a recruitment firm can help you hire any of the five types of workers below.

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1. Temporary Workers

Whether you need to navigate upcoming employee vacation time, your receptionist is going on leave, or you have upcoming projects to complete, a recruitment firm can find you find workers with the skills to temporarily step into the role. This is a great option when you need work covered but aren’t looking to make a permanent hire.

Recruiters have networks of candidates looking to fill temporary roles.

2. Permanent Employees

Permanent employees join the company on a permanent basis. If you’ve decided to expand your business and need help finding your next permanent hire, you may have an outline of the job description and a rough idea of the skills you need. However, you might not have enough time to recruit candidates or go through an extensive hiring process in house.

In addition to being a time-consuming task, hiring is a costly process, so it’s important to hire the right candidate the first time around.

A recruiter will work with you to create a targeted list of required skills, draft an effective job description, and search for talent. They’ll provide you with a select list of candidates who meet your criteria. The final hiring decision is up to you.

3. Independent Contractors

Independent contractors are hired to complete assignments when the organization doesn’t have the necessary resources, skills, or staff to do so in house. These workers are contracted as separate entities to provide services to another business as non-employees. They’re paid separately and bring in their own tools to complete the job.

A staffing firm will have a network of vetted contractors for varied types of projects. Their candidates are equipped with the skills and experience to complete any project required.

4. Self-employed Consultants

Consultants, like contractors, offer their expertise for defined projects or skill sets that you only need short term.

The consultant will review your project, work within your desired timeline, and help you determine a path to achieve your business goals. Whether it’s accounting or operations improvement, if you need help determining your company’s next direction, a recruitment firm will find a consultant whose skills match your needs.

5. Long- and Short-Term Teams

Short-term employees are great when you need extra staff members to complete a task that’s only days or weeks long. Long-term employees are hired for projects that will take months or even years to complete. These types of workers are especially beneficial for seasonal companies.

If you’re looking for a team of short-term seasonal workers to fill orders during the holiday rush, or you’re beginning a long-term project that requires hiring multiple employees at once, a staffing agency can provide you with the number of desired employees for the time period you need them.

Shorten the hiring process and get access to great candidates with the help of a recruitment firm.


Lee Sitarz

Lee Sitarz

Lee earned a degree in marketing from York University, which has helped her succeed in various roles in the staffing industry. She has over 20 years of progressive staffing experience including Branch Management, Sales, Operations, and Marketing. Lee is active at giving back to her community, and spends her down time with her husband and three beautiful daughters.

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