Frequently Asked Questions

What type of candidates do employers expect?

We provide our clients with candidates who are punctual, reliable, honest, and skilled. You are expected to arrive on time and perform work safely.

Who pays for Talentcor services?

Our services are free to job seekers. Employers that utilize our services to find them staffing support pay us for this service. We invoice them an hourly bill rate.

What’s included in the employer’s bill?

It includes your hourly pay rate + 4% vacation, as well as Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Provincial Employer Health Tax & Workers Compensation premiums.

The cost of our services is also included in the bill, such as advertising, account management services, overhead, and payrolling expenses.

How do you determine my salary?

We pay an hourly pay rate plus 4% vacation pay on each paycheque. Your pay rate is always checked against the market to ensure it is a fair pay rate for the job you are performing. You will only have government deductions subtracted.

We will provide your pay rate when we offer you a position. You have the choice to accept or decline the position we offer you.

What are employment assignment confirmation letters?

We provide the following information, in writing, to all assigned employees in Ontario:

  • The name of the client
  • Contact information for the client, including address, telephone number, and one or more contact names
  • The hourly wage rate or compensation package associated with the assignment
  • The hours of work associated with the assignment
  • A general description of the work to be performed on the assignment
  • The pay period and payday established by the agency
  • The estimated term of the assignment, if the information is available at the time of the offer*

*We do not always know the assignment end date. DO NOT leave your assignment unless Talentcor or your client company tells you that your assignment has been completed.

What is Talentcor’s standard method of payment?

Talentcor’s standard method of payment is by direct deposit. It is free, convenient, and secure.

You authorize us to deposit your payment into your account by providing a personalized banking deposit slip or cheque marked “void.” Please notify us of any change in banking information at least one week in advance.

When is payday?

Payday is Friday. Payments will be deposited into your account by Friday following the week you worked.

How do I submit my hours?

E-Time is used to submit your hours electronically. Your consultant will advise if you are set up on E-Time.

When using E-Time, you will receive email notifications to ensure your time is entered and approved before the weekly deadline.

To submit your time, visit:

How can I view my pay stubs?

Go to

  • Enter your login name and password
  • Click on the log on button
  • A “welcome” window will open with user menu selections along the top
How can I access my T4 slips?

T4 slips are issued by February 28th. They are emailed to you and also available online.

To view your T4 slip, visit and enter your login username and password.

Need help? Call 1-888-777-5205 or email

How do employers ensure their employees’ work safety?

Talentcor is committed to providing a safe work environment. To ensure our employees’ work safety, employers must:

  • Understand and work in compliance with Talentcor’s safety policies, procedures, guidelines, orientations, and any applicable safety legislation(s)
  • Understand and follow our client safety policies and procedures at all times
  • Promptly report any injury, accident, or incident—no matter how minor they may seem to Talentcor
What should I do if I’m unable to make it to my shift?

If you are LOST, LATE, or UNABLE TO MAKE IT to your regularly scheduled shift, contact our office immediately. Branch phone numbers are listed on

Make sure your message is detailed. Speak clearly. Include your name, number, where you work, and the reason for your call. Select branches have a nightline. Please listen carefully to our message and follow the instructions.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes—you can refer your friends and family to us to earn money! The amount of money varies by branch. Please contact your local branch to find out your referral rate. Some conditions apply.