Lindsay Forde

When theatre work started taking a downturn a few years ago, an old friend who had great things to say about Talentcor put me in touch with Helen El Kady...

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Aziz Milad

I am a new comer to Canada who landed at the mid of 2012 and I went to several workshops to learn accessing the Canadian job market and networking...

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Cheryl Baldwin

When approached to share my story and experience with Talentcor, I can only express positive sentiments and gratitude. I have worked with Talentcor both as a client and as a job candidate...

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The Miller Gang

Firstly, I would like to say on behalf of all the Miller loaders, thank you for your trust. You have provided us with a job, which has touched us deeply...

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Cheryl Hapko

I am pleased to share the “exceptional experience” I received last year in obtaining employment thanks to Talentcor and, in particular, to Marnie Tod, Search and Placement Consultant.

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