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We provide the staffing support you need to meet your business goals. Our specialized recruitment teams work across all industries in the following skill sets:

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From the reception desk to accounts receivable, we have you covered.

Light Industrial

Whether you need support for a day, a week, or a year, we can help.

Customer Service

Our employees help you look great in front of your customers.

Skilled Trades

We know that only exceptional skills will do when it comes to skilled trades employees.


We understand procurement can hold the key to company growth and improved margins.

Why Talentcor?

Since every client has different needs, our services can be customized to your unique situation. We provide end-to-end recruitment services, as well as unbundled service offerings.


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“I met up with a couple of agencies and none had helped [me more than] Talentcor. [V]ery professional and really quick with finding me work. […] Talentcor is my go-to for temp work!”

N. Natarrajan

“Not only did they prepare me for the interviews, I got the job, and they continued to touch base with me throughout the first month to ensure it was going well and the job met my expectations.”

K. Anderson

“I am very grateful for the positive experience I have had with the company and applaud my recruiter for all her hard work.”

J. Lee

“Working with Talentcor was such a pleasure. I have had the opportunity to work with multiple companies and diversify my skill sets, as well as find a job that I enjoy.”

N. Valckx

“The Talentcor staff and experience has been wonderful. It is evident that they genuinely care for their temp staff and conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism.”

B. Benson

“I have been a contractor with Talentcor in Ottawa for going on a year and a half and have had nothing but very good service.”

M. Levine

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